Courses that have a focus on aquaponics

Course Image Certified Aquaponics Farmer Education

CAFE (Certified Aquaponics Farmer Education) exposes its farmer trainees to the wide variety of subject material necessary to succeed as an aquaponics farmer or as an aquaponics technician.  The history and definitions of aquaponics, the science behind it, various designs and construction methodologies, operating procedures, field notes and fact sheets, etc. are just a few of the units students learn.  For a detailed syllabus, please subscribe and log in to the course.

A mere 100 students are accepted into this online program each term, and they graduate after 12 weeks.  Because of this unique background, the majority of CAFE graduates are fast-tracked into the aquaponics farming world and hopefully secure employment before they even graduate.

Our trainees today are going to be the trainers tomorrow: hopefully this course would help build a successful aquaponics farming community!

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